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The family that games together stays together

Our family loves games. We have lots of board games and enjoy playing them, card games, strategy games and computer games. Recently we have combined the electronic with the board strategy games with playing Settlers of Catan and Carcasonne online. They are not actually named the same thing as the online website which is free has not licensed the real game. But in absence of an alternative, this is a great way to find other players, and in our case occasionally play with family who are over seas.

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How much time do you spend playing games?

As a follow up to Gamers Regret I have put up a poll on KROSTech asking how much time per week do you spend time playing games. Go and select the option for how much time you spend also.

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World of Warcraft Costumes

World of Warcraft fans got really into the spirit of things at the 2007 Blizzcon event

BlizzCon 2007's costume contest was among the most interesting events.
From the impressively intricate to the strangely disturbing, fans of
Blizzard's World of Warcraft MMORPG flaunted some wild costumes

Some amazing costumes!

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Gamer's Regret

Gamer regret- a sudden, horrifying sense of emptiness when you muse on all the other things you could have done with your game time.

Clive Thompson has written on the sudden feeling of gamer regret. "I was 10 days into playing Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground -- a little RPG I reviewed last month -- and I was poking around the "settings" menu. I noticed that it had a "time played" option, which shows you how long you've been toiling away at the game. Curious, I clicked it.
Thirty-six hours."
Clive continues on the internal debate gamers feel