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Manchester United Wins Champions League 2008 in Penalty Shoot Out

CHAMPIONSLEAGUE Tevez makes his first shot for Manchester United.

Ballack comes to the spot for Chelsea and make his to the right to level the score.

Carrack puts Cech the wrong way to score for Man United.

Beletti sends van der Sar the wrong way also to equalise.

Ronaldo has a stuttering run up stops and the puts it into the hands of Cech.

Van der Sar reads the next shot from Lampard but goes wide enough to make it.

Hargreaves now for Manchester slots in under the cross bar for 3-3.

Ashley Cole comes to the spot for Chelsea under the pressure to keep the advantage and makes it though van der Sar has his hands all over it.

Manchester United must now make this shot as it is 4-3 and Nani comes to the spot. He converts also though Cech gets both hands to it.

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Champions League 2008 Extra Time

CHAMPIONSLEAGUE Chelsea went straight on the attack. Lampard got the first strike in anger which came off the cross bar for a very narrow miss.

Kalou did come on early in extra time.

Ronaldo seems like he has lot confidence in the air with every high ball that comes to him not being challenged by him. Instead he seems to be constantly drifting off the back of his marking defender, I assume hoping the ball will drop long for him. I think that this part of the reason he has gone quiet. He is fantastic with the ball on the ground but seems reluctant to fight for it in the air.

Finally Joe Cole has been replaced. He has had bad cramp.

This extra time has been shut down by both teams with some lacklustre work most of the time. There is however some inspiring individual moments. Giggs had a shot that was deflected by Terry for a corner, but nothing came of that.

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Champions League 2008 2nd half

CHAMPIONSLEAGUE Chelsea have stepped up. It is still 1-1, but the 2nd half had some great highlights. Drogba was the outstanding player for my money, though The backline did well also in shutting down Hargreaves and Ronaldo.

Extra time now. No substitutes yet - though I suspect that will happen soon. Scholes was replaced by Giggs late in the 2nd half. And it looks like Kalou is going to come on soon.

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Half Time Champions League Final 2008

CHAMPIONSLEAGUE The first 10 minutes were like a short passing drill or a game of futsal as Manchester United and Chelsea tentatively felt each other out in the 2008 Champions League final in Moscow. The second 10 minutes were much of the same only Manchester United had most of the ball. However the next 6 minutes Manchester upped the pressure and were rewarded by Christiano Ronaldo's first goal at the 26 minute mark. The next 18 minutes Manchester United had it all over Chelsea with it looking like there could be another goal for Man U with 2 unlucky misses and some great goal keeping being the only reason it wasn't 3 or 4 nil.

One little tiny slip at the 44th minute saw Lampard score a goal against the run of play due to a defensive slip up.