Half Time Champions League Final 2008

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CHAMPIONSLEAGUE The first 10 minutes were like a short passing drill or a game of futsal as Manchester United and Chelsea tentatively felt each other out in the 2008 Champions League final in Moscow. The second 10 minutes were much of the same only Manchester United had most of the ball. However the next 6 minutes Manchester upped the pressure and were rewarded by Christiano Ronaldo's first goal at the 26 minute mark. The next 18 minutes Manchester United had it all over Chelsea with it looking like there could be another goal for Man U with 2 unlucky misses and some great goal keeping being the only reason it wasn't 3 or 4 nil.

One little tiny slip at the 44th minute saw Lampard score a goal against the run of play due to a defensive slip up.

Highlights for me from the first half were the brilliance of Christian Ronaldo, the very crisp passing of Scholes, Brown and Rooney. Chelsea resorted to some tired defense, arm grabbing and a defense with holes large enough to drive a truck through. If Chelsea can't lift their defensive game in the 2nd half then I predict at least 2 more goals for Manchester United.