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Prayer and Trust

Be Still my Heart

and Rest in Him

2012-01-16 Adelaide 140and Know the Joy

When Being in

a Cauldron of


Turmoil and Anxiety,

That God above

is Watching me

and Loves to Help

when Things don’t seem

to be the Way

they Ought to be

© Timothy Miller 1996

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Crushed purple velvet

leached dye

swirling as it washes away

Small boy

tentatively pulling the legs off a spider

waiting to see when it dies

New husband

unthinkingly damaging tender emotions

grinding away trust

© Timothy Miller 1995

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In 1993 I wrote a bunch of poetry. I’m not entirely sure why that year was so prolific. It was the year I came out of a very dark time in my life, started being less introspective, was dry for 9 months (a big thing for a drug and alcohol dependant person) and did a lot of sport, raced national level mountain biking and local triathlons and endurance triathlons.

I have posted a bunch of poems up. Each is its own little island of thought.

I will continue to post all my poetry in time order over the next few weeks. Hopefully balanced with some other work!

My poetry is intensely emotional and comes from a place in my soul unbidden, unforced and often from a dream or in times of deep introspection.

Feel free to comment and share.

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Radio News

(What Price A Life)


...two car bombs have just gone off

the street is full of broken buildings and shattered glass

someone said they thought fifteen people died

this is mark howarth for xyz news



... a bomb has just exploded in the art gallery

three priceless paintings have been destroyed

works of art gone forever

fifteen more have been damaged and rushed to intensive art care

it appears five people died in the blast

this is lynda james for arc news



(rrrrrhnnnnnn) chainsaws are buzzing all around

(creeeeak) (grooooaan) (Pause) (craaaaaassshhhh)

oh no another rimu is down


So What?


© Timothy Miller 1993