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Radio News

(What Price A Life)


...two car bombs have just gone off

the street is full of broken buildings and shattered glass

someone said they thought fifteen people died

this is mark howarth for xyz news



... a bomb has just exploded in the art gallery

three priceless paintings have been destroyed

works of art gone forever

fifteen more have been damaged and rushed to intensive art care

it appears five people died in the blast

this is lynda james for arc news



(rrrrrhnnnnnn) chainsaws are buzzing all around

(creeeeak) (grooooaan) (Pause) (craaaaaassshhhh)

oh no another rimu is down


So What?


© Timothy Miller 1993

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To Rape or not to Rape

We vote for our politicians

installing them in an unbalanced system of power

that corrupts as it tries to do good

or does it

To rape or not to rape

that is not the question

we know best

and we want to be back in the next election

© Timothy Miller 1993

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of choice or force

maori and pakeha (how I hate that word)

what about the chinese, the samoans, the indians, the dutch?

where is their treaty?

Who is a New Zealander anyhow?

© Timothy Miller 1993

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(Women And Waves)

Today you are sullen - sultry - passive yet hungry

demanding attention,

sucking endlessly in oily repetition on slick sand

I am like flotsam trapped in greasy foam

tossed back and forth

neither here or there

but forever condemned to react to your tides


2012-06-30 Gold Coast Beach 020Today you are angry - aggressive - violent

carving your name

forcing yourself unwanted and unasked

seeking to make your way without heed of those in the way

I am like a still rockpool suddenly disturbed

anenomes ruthlessly uprooted

raped and pillaged by your desire and ambition


Today you are loving - playful - joyful

chuckling wavelets caressing sparkling sands

delicate fingers running through seaweed

titillating - pleasuring

I am like iridescent foam

laughing - tinkling

enjoying the moment as if it will last forever

but the tide will turn


Poem written © Timothy Miller 1993

Photo taken 2012 at the Gold Coast