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Resting in between

resting in between

i think again

its been a long time

i wish it wasn't


judith-g-bikini -rocks-1995waiting for time to go

i suddenly realise its been

i don’t know where i was

i guess it wasn’t here


now i’m there again

but still i fall behind

i want to be with you

not realising that i cant


how i long for you

my wife of only 2

short years they’ve been fun

where did the time go


resting again i pause

and prepare myself for more

i am determined that

our love remains secure


strength and comfort

i derive from God

my love springs deep



© Timothy Miller 1997

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Prayer and Trust

Be Still my Heart

and Rest in Him

2012-01-16 Adelaide 140and Know the Joy

When Being in

a Cauldron of


Turmoil and Anxiety,

That God above

is Watching me

and Loves to Help

when Things don’t seem

to be the Way

they Ought to be

© Timothy Miller 1996

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Crushed purple velvet

leached dye

swirling as it washes away

Small boy

tentatively pulling the legs off a spider

waiting to see when it dies

New husband

unthinkingly damaging tender emotions

grinding away trust

© Timothy Miller 1995

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In 1993 I wrote a bunch of poetry. I’m not entirely sure why that year was so prolific. It was the year I came out of a very dark time in my life, started being less introspective, was dry for 9 months (a big thing for a drug and alcohol dependant person) and did a lot of sport, raced national level mountain biking and local triathlons and endurance triathlons.

I have posted a bunch of poems up. Each is its own little island of thought.

I will continue to post all my poetry in time order over the next few weeks. Hopefully balanced with some other work!

My poetry is intensely emotional and comes from a place in my soul unbidden, unforced and often from a dream or in times of deep introspection.

Feel free to comment and share.