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Excel function of the week INT

I am combining the function of the week with a request I had to write some VBA code to use it. (Note the VBA function is not always the same as the application function).

CBR001292_LoRes Here is the question I was asked:

I have two columns - One "AA" and the other "AB"
I want to fill down the column AB based on the results in "AA" but I'm
confused about how to get the individual data from AA2 into AB2 - for
Dim AAcell As Range
Dim ABcell As Range
For Each AAcell In Range("AA:AA")
If IsEmpty(AAcell) Then
    ABcell.Value = ""
    ABcell.Value = Int(AAcell.Value)
End Sub
I'm sure this isnt' right/correct - as it isn't working - LOL - but I'm not
sure how to put it...

Reading this through I understood that the reader wanted to be able to fill a column based on another column. If the first column had a blank cell he wanted that repeated in the new column. All other entries in the new column were to be the INTEGER of the number in the first column. I have provided the code used to make this work at the end of this article. Click Read More to continue.