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Back to Basics: Facebook

What is this Facebook ?

It's an online social network. And that is? An online social network, is an online version, of a social network. image
For example, in your life, if you go to school, you have a social network there, the group of people you socialise with are the people you are networking with socially. Same goes for at your workplaces, and anywhere that you interact with a certain group of people.  Online, there are also social networks used on web sites. You may want to socialise online with people with the same religion as you, the same interests as you, etc. And for that, there are different web sites running social networks. Such as, Facebook, Myspace, Pownce, Flickr, Bebo, and many more.

Basically Facebook is just a web page that you can have your profile on, add friends, view their pages, and more which I am about to tell you about.

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The reality of the Internet

This article was sparked by reading Cathy's post yesterday titled "Not the real World". In it she muses about how people in the non connected world, those who don't participate as bloggers, or other viral networking systems that the Internet is composed of tend to share a narrow, often inaccurate view of reality, current events, people and ideas.

I think Cathy is absolutely right and I want to explore some reasons as to why.

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Why I need a quad core PC

I am constantly running  a lot of applications, and am using the quad core and 2GB RAM that Vista will let me use (out of the 4GB installed) pretty heavily. I frequently see the cores drop into 80-90% use. RAM usage is often over 90%.

Right now I have running:


File Management


Windows Explorer (2 instances)


Internet Explorer 2 open tabs

Firefox 89 open tabs

Java game Settlers of Catan (playing a game with Judith and Miranda while eating lunch and working and writing this)

Particls - newsticker scrolling



MSN MEssenger - 2 conversation windows open

Yahoo Messenger



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Eye-Fi Card

Interested in a memory card for your camera that wirelessly uploads your photos to the computer? If so than check out the Eye-Fi Card.

The 2GB Eye-Fi Card looks like your basic SD card on the outside, but it's got Wi-Fi technology hidden inside. When your Eye-Fi-Card-equipped camera is powered on and in-range of your Wi-Fi connection, the card communicates with Eye-Fi's server and your network, then uploads your photos. Your computer doesn't even have to be turned on. All images are saved on Eye-Fi's server until they're successfully loaded onto your system. If your computer is powered on, your image thumbnails will pop up on the lower-right side of your screen as they're uploaded. And you don't have to do a thing.