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Social Networks I use and recommend

Following is a list of the social networks I participate in. Feel free to check my profiles out, add me as a friend in your network, join them etc.

Face book






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One True Media - web 2.0 at work

I just created this really cool montage of my kids after importing images from Flickr.

View this montage created at One True Media
My Montage 11/26/07

Click the picture to play it. You can make your own as well at

I got the heads up from Robin Good who has published an in depth tutorial on using the One True Media.

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APML and serendipity

Wow how amazing is this? The other day I was reading Robin Good's beginners guide to APML. I bookmarked it and a number of pages about it. What is it? Read the guide, look at the wiki and check out the APML website.

Following Robins page I found Engagd. Today at the Mix on Campus event we are listening to the founders of APML and Faraday Media in the actual conference.

Serendipity !

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Create a Photo Collage Using Pictures of Your Facebook Friends

An article by Amit tells us how to create a photo collage of your Facebook Friends in two seconds. Step 1: Login into your Facebook account and click the Friends tab. Step 2: Select the drop-down box and click the list separator (--) in that drop down . Done!