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Geek Girl Blogger - Rachel Cunliffe

Hey there GGB readers…. we finally have a new profile to feature for you!

Rachel_Cunliffe_edit Name: Rachel Cunliffe
Screen Name: cre8d
Personal Blog’s: and
Social Networks: 
Current Employment: cre8d design ( Throng Media (
Location/country: Auckland, New Zealand

What is your reason/motivation for blogging?

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Girl Geek Dinner Brisbane - #03

Theme: “Coffee and Chic Flick” night.

ggdDetails: Meeting at the Cafe next to the Southbank Cinemas for a coffee & chat & follow it up with a movie.
Movie: AUSTRALIA – starring Nicole Kidman & Hugh Jackman. – INTENSE!
Cost: Tickets for the movie are $6.50 + the price of drinks and nibblies etc.
Date: Tuesday 16th December, 2008.
Time: 6:30pm – 11:55pm.

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A bunch of random tools and stuff

I use a tag in my delicious account to identify sites that I want to share. I forgot. Here is a bunch of websites from back in January and February.

Blog and web design advice and tools from Virtual Hosting

Skelliwag’s blogging advice

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Geek Girl Blogger - Sarah Blow

This week’s GGB Sarah Blow is from the UK and is the actual founder of Girl Geek Dinners! Be sure to watch Sarah’s video on how to start a Girl Geek Dinner.

Sarah_Blow Name: Sarah Blow
Screen Names: Sarah Blow or GirlyGeekdom
Personal Blogs:
Social Networks: LinkedIn, Facebook (private), Twitter, Viddler. Current Employment:
Software Engineer & Founder of Girl Geek Dinners
Location/country: UK

What is your reason/motivation for blogging?

I have a number of very different blogs and each have different reasons for their existence.  My primary blog is my personal one, which is where I put up things that I find interesting and fun that I want to share with people.  Then I have the GirlyGeekdom blog which is a group one.  This is focused on all things girly and geeky.  The others are directly related to the Girl Geek Dinners and are the simplest and most efficient way to manage and distribute information to the Girl Geek networks.

Overall my reasons for blogging are to distribute information and knowledge, to share experience and to influence change.