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I use a tag in my delicious account to identify sites that I want to share. I forgot. Here is a bunch of websites from back in January and February.

Blog and web design advice and tools from Virtual Hosting

Skelliwag’s blogging advice

Digital Inspiration Blogging Tips

Robin Good’s Google Analytics Video Tutorial

minti, powered by parentsPowered by Parents

Minti (www.minti.com) Here is what they say about the site.

Minti is the most amazing site for parents I have ever come across. It breaks down the walls of social isolation that many parents face. The members are real people with real problems, and real solutions. Whether you are a parent of your first newborn baby, your teenage grandchildren are becoming difficult to understand, or you are planning a child and want to get a better idea what you can expect, Minti (www.minti.com) has the answers… or we will quickly find them for you!

mySyndicaat is a news mastering tool that allows you to retrieve, filter, mix and monitor content from remote content sources available on the web. Collected content is cached by mySyndicaat and can be retrieved later on either by using mySyndicaat content viewer, or by subscribing to is using any RSS 2.0-compliant RSS aggregator.

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KeywordSpy is a search engine tool which tells you the exact terms and phrases that are driving the most traffic to your competitors' websites, helping you increase targeted traffic and lower your cost-per-acquisition.