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Link authors' names & profiles on a team blog with blogger

If you have several people posting to a blog, you might want to set it
up so that each person's name at the end of their posts links to their profile. Here's how to make it work:
First, what you'll have to do is get the profile addresses for each person who will be posting to the blog. You'll notice that each one looks something like this: where "XXXXXXX" is a particular ID number. Make a note of that number for each person.
Next, add the following code to your template, between the HTML tags:
var team = new Array();
team["First Member"]="XXXXXXX";
team["Second Member"]="YYYYYYY";
team["Third Member"]="ZZZZZZZ";
function makeprofilelink (authorname) {
var pid = team[authorname];
document.write("" + authorname + "");
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Amanda is new here

Hi my name is Amanda.

I am going to be writing on SpyJournal soon. I am working for Tim and will be reviewing new web technologies, gadgets and cool stuff for you.

Look out for my first real post in the next couple of weeks. Be nice to me, I am still learning some of this stuff!


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Add Ratings To Your Blog Posts for Instant Feedback from Readers

Blogs that are on Blogger, WordPress or TypePad can now add the wonderful outbrain star ratings widget to their blog posts.It's light, requires no registration and very intuitive - visitors can hover the mouse over the five stars and click any of them to rate your current blog post. Even if you have a regular website that's not a blog, this ratings widget can be installed on your site as well. You need such a rating widget to get feedback from all those reader who are subscribed to your blog aren't contributing to the discussion because they are probably too lazy to write a comment. Give them a system like this ratings widget that requires no effort and they'll be happy to say if enjoyed or disliked reading your blog post.

Found on Labnol

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The nature of the Internet

It never ceases to amaze me; the stupidity of people. As Charles Mackay wrote long ago in his book Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds men go mad in herds but only come to their senses one by one.

It seems there are some people who just really do not understand the Internet, and in their rush (or greed) to get rich quickly ignore all the commonsense and warnings of those who like Darren Rowse have achieved some measure of wealth from blogging. How? Darren explains often that his website is not his mail money maker, rather his Digital Photography school website is. He provides a real product for real people.

And so to the point of this article, and the nature of the Internet that seems to have been forgotten in the glimmer of fools gold. As Doug McCaughan sagely observes, people use the web for Information, Utility and Entertainment, in that order.

So where are the fools? I think there are two types.