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Getting started in business with technology

Quite regularly I come across people who are just starting out in business. Often this is due to dissatisfaction with a corporate career, change in circumstances or location. Many older people who are made redundant or leave their jobs feel they have little job prospects and decide to start a new business. Many are just starting something alongside their existing work hoping it will be enough to let them quit at some point in the future.

2013-08-16 Alex Hughes 084Some (not all) talk to an accountant or lawyer and set up the right business structure for their new enterprise. Unfortunately a common mistake many make is to not talk to a trusted advisor about their technology requirements. Too often I am called into help after the investment in retail consumer technology has been made already. Often it is too late to change things, funds have been spent and computers, tablets, printers and phones have been acquired.

The mistakes I have had to fix include:

  • Retail consumer level routers that are not able to handle the demands of a small business
  • PCs that were purchased with retail licences of the operating system, office productivity software etc.
  • Tablets and phones on retail or prepaid phone plans and accounts
  • Cheap PCs that were physically not capable of meeting the demands of the office software installed on them
  • Hodge podge of retail cloud services, email accounts and domain names (usually no domain name) and no professionally integrated solutions
  • Cheap printers that have high consumable costs and cannot handle the demands of a small office
  • No understanding of customer data management
  • No backup solution (or an untested hope and pray solution) or Business Continuity Plans (BCP)
  • and so on
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Business Technology Basics Series

I am going to be writing a series on business technology basics.

Each post will focus on one common technology aspect that small and medium businesses use everyday or week, and discuss some of the alternatives, best practices and basic information on how to get started with looking for help etc.

I am really keen to get your requests on what topics, technologies, or hardware and software things in business you want me to write about.

So let me know in the comments or via the contact form what you want me to write about – and stay tuned!4670708218_98509e1c4a_z

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The future revealed - on PsyJournal

JETHRO_spy_journalb2b-125Just kidding I don't have a crystal ball, and it should be SpyJournal - but I thought the accidental typo made a cool pun!

However what this post is about is revealing a plan to write a number of Back To Basics series. These will be written from two points of views, mine and Amanda's.


The reasons for the series.