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About Me

Hi and welcome to Spy Journal.

My name is Tim, but I am also known as Jethro. You can read my detailed career history and see for yourself if I am qualified to write about Excel, technology and the web. Hopefully my daughters don't tell you I should play more with them and write less.

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My career history

I started my career mostly by accident, opting to study accounting rather than chemistry at school because it sounded easier. I topped the school and fell from there into an accounting degree. Leaving home required cash, more than a student allowance could provide, so I naturally gravitated toward chartered accounting part time, and then full time, eventually quitting the study. I soon discovered I was more interested in spreadsheets and budgeting than in producing annual accounts for tax. I left chartered account to go on to hold a number of management accounting roles and in that time energetically pursued the study of Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro Pro and VP planner. After the commercial accounting experience in the early ‘90s in New Zealand, in 1993 I went to Australia and initially worked as a management accountant for a firm. However my heart was not in it, and I left after 18 months to start my own consultancy business Jethro Consultants in partnership with my new wife Judith.