Bushfires in Victoria have killed well over 100 people

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I have been feeling kind of awkward today – We had Mercedes birthday party planned and a trip to the zoo and nice things to do. Yet while we have been enjoying ourselves here in Queensland I have been very conscious all day of the horrific bushfires in Victoria, the incredible death toll, and the devastation to property, livestock, houses, vehicles and just life in general. What makes it worse is the knowledge that some of these fires were lit deliberately. I hope the miscreants responsible have the guts to turn themselves in, and if not as is likely, that anybody who knows then does the right thing and frogmarches them to the local police station.

There are red cross appeals and other relief appeals that have been set up. My heart goes out to hose caught up in the tragedy. It is also great to see the spirit and help of the neighbours and locals who survived pitching in to help those less fortunate. About all we can do up here is send prayers, money and our condolences and sympathy to those who have lost family and lvoed ones in this time.

We can also lobby the government for better fire fighting equipment, more planes, better burn control zones, mandatory undergrowth and scrub clearance schemes, better advice systems and better resourcing for the control centres and emergency services. Nothing against the heroic work put in by these people - including the volunteers, but I think it is clear that there could have been more done by governments to reduce this. A royal commission has been set up. I hope that they find a requirement for more funding for this.

Some of the stories are amazing and scary at the same time.

Gary Hughes has written a graphic and scary story of how his family escaped with their lives – barely as their house and property burned down around them.

Jay Cherie and her family were one of the lucky ones escaping from Kinglake.

The following links and pictures are from the ABC News website here in Australia. Copyright applies.

Leaders scramble to help fire victims

Victorian authorities are working to provide emergency relief to thousands of people affected in the worst bushfires in Australia's history.

Parliament on hold as Rudd tours devastated Victoria

Federal Parliament has suspended much of its scheduled business today in the wake of Victoria's devastating bushfires and the unfolding flood disaster in far north Queensland.

Tributes flow for newsreader Naylor

Tributes are pouring in for former Channel Nine newsreader Brian Naylor and his wife Moiree, who perished in Victoria's bushfires.

Queen offers sympathies to bushfire victims

The Queen has sent a message of condolence to the families of those who have died in the Victoria bushfires.

Gippsland fires continue to rage

Fire authorities are warning three big fires in Gippsland in Victoria's east are a long way from being contained.

At a glance: lives lost in bushfires

Victoria's bushfires have so far claimed the lives of at least 107 people, although the death toll is expect to rise. Here is a list of the confirmed deaths.

At a glance: fires of concern

Hundreds of firefighters are still battling the Victoria bushfires, which have so far killed at least 108 people. Here is a summary of the major fires burning throughout Victoria.

'Day of savagery' prompts questions about bushfire warnings

Victoria's Emergency Services Commissioner, Bruce Esplin, says authorities will examine whether they could have handled the bushfire threat differently.

Tidal River camping ground evacuated as fire spreads

Parks Victoria has started evacuating the Tidal River camping ground because of a fire at Wilsons Promontory, south-west of Melbourne.

We're ready to help bushfire victims: insurers

The Insurance Council of Australia says a task force has been established to speed up the claims and assessment process for properties lost or damaged in the Victorian bushfires.

Marooned in Kinglake as fire tragedy unfolds

Bushfires continue to wreak havoc across Victoria, but Kinglake, north-east of Melbourne, is one of the worst-affected areas.

Threat level high for Stanley, Eskdale

The 30,000-hectare bushfire that is of most concern to Victorian authorities is burning out of control in the state's north-east, threatening the townships of Stanley and Eskdale.

Bendigo fires under control

Firefighters are hoping to contain a bushfire, south-east of Bendigo, by this afternoon.

4,000 people in need of emergency assistance

About 4,000 people affected by the Victorian bushfires have registered for emergency help.

Britain, NZ offer help to bushfire victims

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has told the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, the United Kingdom stands ready to help after at least 108 people were killed in the worst bushfire disaster in Australia's history.

ACT sends crews to fire-ravaged Victoria

ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope has expressed deep sympathy to the people of Victoria on behalf of Canberra residents.

Two charged: Rees threatens NSW arsonists

New South Wales Premier Nathan Rees has promised to "throw the book" at anyone who lights fires deliberately, after two people in the state were charged with arson.

Australia's worst bushfire disaster

The death toll from horrific bushfires across Victoria this weekend has reached 93, surpassing the number of people who perished in the 1983 Ash Wednesday blazes.

'Dig deep' for bushfire victims, Australians urged

The Victorian Premier John Brumby has launched a Bushfire Appeal Fund to help the victims of the more than 400 bushfires which have swept across the state.

At a glance: where bushfires are burning

There are 12 bushfires burning out of control across Victoria and 26 blazes in total. Here is a summary of the major fires of concern.

Teen charged over Faulconbridge bushfire

A 15-year-old boy has been charged with starting a small bushfire on the New South Wales Blue Mountains.

NT forensic experts to help ID bushfire bodies

A team of Northern Territory-based forensic experts is preparing to fly to Victoria to assist in recovery efforts after the weekend's fires.

Bushfires close many Victorian schools

More than 70 state schools in Victoria will be closed tomorrow as a result of bushfires sweeping the state.

Fires force Healesville zoo evacuation

A zoo in the Yarra Valley, east of Melbourne, is being evacuated because of the bushfires.

Victoria's power 'secure but under threat'

Managers of the national power grid NEMMCO say Victoria's main transmission network is secure but remains under threat due to the bushfires razing parts of the state.

Kinglake resident speaks of bushfire horror

One resident of a Victorian town destroyed by bushfire says her family lost everything and feared for their lives as the blaze swept past them.

Lightning starts new bushfires in Grampians

The Bureau of Meteorology says thunderstorms moving across Victoria have produced lightning which has sparked new bushfires in the Grampians.

States join Victoria bushfire fight

Fire crews from New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania are being sent to Victoria to battle bushfires that have so far killed 36 people and devastated communities.

Hospitals fill with burns victims

The Victorian Health Minister, Daniel Andrews, says 78 people have been admitted to hospitals throughout the state with various burns, and hundreds of others have turned up at emergency departments with less serious injuries.

Wiped out: Town destroyed by killer fires

The township of Marysville in central Victoria has been almost completely destroyed by bushfires and there are grave fears for the town of Kinglake, where at least 12 people are known to have died.

Bushfire tragedy: In their own words

Residents in bushfire-ravaged areas across Victoria tell the ABC about their experiences.


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How sad, I know that

How sad, I know that sometimes fires can be good for regrowth but I hate to hear about people getting hurt.

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People do not understand how

People do not understand how important the message you posted really is -- we all need to be prepared for disaters. We have a potential flooding situation in Seattle, USA. Currently only 2% of the population has even though the area was a flood plain before a dam was erected in the 1950s. Now there is a problem with the dam and the Army Corp of Engineers is predicting there is a 35% chance of floods this winter but the population still is not very concerned. I hope more people reading postings like this and prepare themselves!

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My condolences to anyone who

My condolences to anyone who has lost a loved one.