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flickr_logo My experience with Flickr.

It was better than I expected, there are some cool features that tempt me to be interested in bothering with Flickr that I'll mention later in this article.
My boss asked me to sign up for a Flickr account, use it, and then write about it.  So I'm in the process now of accomplishing that task. I went to the Flickr site, proceeded to sign up for an account, then it told me that I can't unless I have a Yahoo account, so it took me to do that, and then brought me back to Flickr.
So now I have a Flickr account.

Then I opened Windows Live Photo Gallery on my computer, selected publish, more services, publish on Flickr.

I feel the need to summarise my instructions.

  1. If you don't already have one, sign up for a Yahoo account.
  2. Sign up for Flickr using your Yahoo account.
  3. Load Windows Live Photo Gallery on your computer.
  4. In Windows Live Photo Gallery, open the folder of photos you wish to publish on Flickr.
  5. Then, select "publish", "more services", "publish on Flickr".
  6. Now, say you select one photo, then click publish, publish on Flickr.
  7. A box has popped up. Select what Flickr account you want to publish photos in.
  8. Then tell it what set you want that photo in (set is like an album), in other words, name a set (album) and it will be in that.
  9. It's best to make your photo size 800 pixels.
  10. And then click, Publish!
    ~So now I have photos published on Flickr.
  11. Tag your photos. For multiple tags, just write a word for your tag, then space, and a word for another tag. The space separates tags.  Tags mean that, when you select Tags in your account, it'll give you a list of words, and you click on a word and it'll give you all the photos that have that word tagged to it. Great for searching for particular people or events.
    ~So you now have a Flickr album with tagged photos.
  12. Something fun to do with them now...
    Under the page title, "Your photos", select map. It's between Tags and Archives.
    ~ It'll load a map.
  13. On the top right hand corner of your screen, select Hybrid. Makes it much cooler to view.
  14. Zoom in on your country by double clicking on it.
    ~ There'll be a strip of your photos across the bottom of the screen. You can select individual photos, or a whole set.
  15. Select one or more of your photos, then go around the map and find where that photo was taken.
  16. Select exactly where you reckon that photo was taken, or even just that area roughly. And then there'll be your photo marked where it was taken!
    ~I thought that was pretty neat. Do that with as many of your photos as you like, I only did a few that were in the same area for now, simply because it does take a while for the map to load as you move around. But when you have time for it, it's worth doing.

So now when you, for example, click on home in your Flickr account, then select "Your photos", and when you select one of your photos and it loads up bigger, it'll have information on the bottom right hand side of the screen about that photo.  Under, Additional Information.  It'll tell you where it was taken, and if you have put it on the map, there'll be an option to click that'll take you to that place on the map. If you haven't already located your photo on the map, it'll have the option to do that. It'll also tell you when the photo was taken, and things like that. 

Also, you can comment on your own photos and on other peoples photos. You can even tag photos on other peoples albums. So if a friend or family member had photos with you or people you knew in it, if you had those photos tagged too, when you did a tag search for someone in your account, it'll bring up the photos from your account and anyone else's too that were tagged with that word.

That's all I've experienced with Flickr so far, in my brief muck around with it.

Sounds messy and confusing, yeah? It really isn't all that confusing. It doesn't take much for me to get lost and I was able to follow those instructions easily enough. The most difficult thing I found was finding information about accounts, it was probably right in front of my eyes the entire time though.

If you're into this sort of thing, Flickr is a great way to show your photo albums online for family and friends anywhere in the country or world to go online and view! It's pretty simple to use and has some cool features. 

There is the option of having a free Flickr account. It allows you a limit of 100 MB monthly upload, (5 MB per photo). And three sets (albums).
However you can pay to keep more of your photos on Flickr. It'll allow you unlimited uploads (10MB per photo). Unlimited storage. Unlimited bandwidth. Unlimited photo sets. The ability to replace a photo. And other things like that. More information for both those options is found in the help section on the Flickr site.

Interested in giving it a go? - and select 'Create Your Account'.

I do hope that some day, someone will do a search for a review on Flickr, find mine, and find it very helpful.

Thanks for reading,



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Charity's picture

I myself have a Flickr

I myself have a Flickr account, but really haven't dug into the major things you are supposed to be able to do with it. I've heard though, that in order to really do anything withit, you need to spend the approximately $25 a year to get the pro account.

jethro's picture

You are correct charity -

You are correct charity - Jude and I have pro flickr accounts, though aManda does not yet - and neither do our kids.
We think it is worth the money spent.