Amazing Human Beings

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The power of the human spirit never ceases to amaze me. But this last weekend I was treated to some pretty unusual displays of just how incredible humans can actually be.

I attended, photographed and even competed in an ultra running event, the 24 and 48 hour ultra event at I saw people run 280+km (175 miles). I saw records broken, i saw pain and suffering and individual determination and grit, and most importantly I saw the incredible power of encouragement. I saw friends and relatives camp over night in cold uncomfortable conditions in order to be able to get out on the track and walk a couple of laps with competitors and mentally assist them to over come the physical demands they were placing on their systems. i witnessed first hand the incredible power of transformation of a persons face from resigned grit and determination (or even pain) to sheer joy through a simple spoken word – a “you can do it”. I saw the camaraderie of those who shared the same trials, and for a brief 1.5 hours i was amongst it. As I churned out laps (more of a slow grind then a churn) I was guaranteed of numerous encouraging remarks from complete strangers on the sidelines, a “well done Tim” and “you are looking great” from other competitors who went flying past me, and the cheers from the crowd around the timing tent.

And at the end they were no longer strangers. Many of these runners I have seen and photographed (and run with) before, but as Tamyka put it – “you got to be friends with someone you shared the same physical space with for 48 hours!”

The ultra running community is a small tight knit friendly group of positive goal orientated cheerful people. I’m proud to be associated with such amazing human beings.

Here are some pics. More at

 2012-07-29 Cab 24-48 Event 5752012-07-29 Cab 24-48 Event 5772012-07-29 Cab 24-48 Event 578

Here are some videos I made also


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hey Tim As always it was

hey Tim

As always it was great to be out on the track at caboolture, even though not 100% fit.
I enjoyed my time at the track, and being able to help and encourage the folks doing the longer events.(and shorter ones)

If the calender is kind to me then i am hoping to be in for the 48 next year.

the timing system was fantastic, as were the live updates on the web.......It was the updates which gave me the enthusiasm to drive up and give it a go on.

See you again at dusk to dawn.


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Thanks a lot John - ill pass

Thanks a lot John - ill pass that on as well!

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They certainly are inspiring.

They certainly are inspiring. Great pics and vids. I'll stop complaining about my sore butt from sitting at this computer.