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Where I Live

My morning ritual is to make a coffee at the kitchen counter with a window looking out over our backyard. Usually I am the first up and the house is still, filled only with the sounds of animals other than humans. Peeping of small hatched chickens inside, the raucous morning squawk of my Amazonian parrot, and the clucking of hens right outside the window. Sometimes my wife is up first and out in the yard tending to her chickens, and sometimes my youngest daughter is up (often she rises to the sound of the coffee machine) and then I am bombarded with her inquisitiveness.

i gaze out the backdoor and i see the comforts of home. The familiar clutter of bikes, the BBQ lawnmower, birdcages and chickens.

2015-08-07 Backyard Chickens 002

Zooming in as the chickens come for their food we see each has a personality, a pecking order and they are “so adorable” as the girls say.

2015-08-07 Backyard Chickens 0072015-08-07 Backyard Chickens 035

This is where I live.

My family is my familiar clutter, my girls are my background noise. Yet I need to remember to zoom in. Focus on the individuals amongst the crowd and noise, listen to the request for love an attention and provide that as a husband and father. Sometimes I neglect this. That is not what I want to do. This reminder is good.

And this morning my youngest (the teens are all in dreamland) was excited to show me her new rip stick skills so out in the middle of the street I lie with my camera – giving her attention.

2015-08-07 Mercedes Ripstick 0022015-08-07 Mercedes Ripstick 0012015-08-07 Mercedes Ripstick 003

This is where I live.


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Critical Security Threat


A critical security threat was announced and an out of sequence patch released yesterday by Microsoft.

It affects ALL pcs running Vista, Windows7, 8, 8.1 and Windows RT.

There is specific news here if you want more http://www.cnet.com/news/microsoft-rushes-emergency-security-fix-for-versions-of-windows/

And the technical stuff is here https://technet.microsoft.com/library/security/MS15-078?f=255&MSPPError=-2147217396#ID0EKIAE

Please patch all your PCs and Servers immediately.

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Some of my favourite photos from the last 6 months

I’ve really neglected this blog in the last 6 months. But I have been blogging regularly on my work blogs.

Check out all the Tech updates on http://jethroconsultants.com/

Check out the sports events at http://dreamsportphotography.com/

And check out all the other photos at http://dreamcoatphotography.com/

And for your viewing pleasure and my procrastination from doing other work here are some of my favourite photos from the last 6 months in no particular order.

2015-01-27 Danni 339

2015-02-04 Crows Nest National Park 156 2015-02-04 Crows Nest National Park 112

2015-03-25 Mercedes and Ginger 002

2015-03-01 Button Smash 390 2015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Powerhouse 043

2015-04-03 Orchid 008

2015-04-15 Hungry 4 Fitness 006 2015-04-09 Tim and Trophy 002

2015-04-11 Games 022 2015-04-09 JACS 011

2015-04-15 Hungry 4 Fitness 352 2015-04-16 Hungry 4 Fitness 122

2015-04-11 Boaz 003

2015-01-17 Jono and Marie and us 004 2015-06-22 Byron Bay 164

2015-06-23 Hastings Point Birds 036 2015-07-08 Bushwalk 081

2015-07-08 Bushwalk 017_18_19_20_21_tonemapped 2015-06-07 Miller Family Portraits 010

2015-06-22 Byron Bay 308_09_10_11_12_tonemapped

2015-01-31 Dusk to Dawn 3201930 2015-01-31 Dusk to Dawn 3203463

2015-03-07 TRAQ Mt Glorious 4100268 093 2015-05-10 Mothers Day Classic 4400473

2015-02-22 Corporate Challenge Race 1

2015-03-15 Lakeside Tribute 4200490 2015-03-14 Lakeside Tribute 4100467

2015-03-14 Lakeside Tribute 4100653 2015-03-15 Lakeside Tribute 4200024

2015-04-17 Yuleba HKLN 042 2015-04-18 Yuleba HKLN Marathon 4500062

2015-06-13 Regale 2106 2015-06-13 Regale 1304

2015-06-13 Regale 2482

2015-06-13 Regale 1249 2015-06-20 iRace QLD Raceway 88009

2015-06-20 iRace QLD Raceway 88848 2015-06-20 iRace QLD Raceway 88915

2015-05-10 Mothers Day Classic 4100047_48_49_50_51_tonemapped

2015-05-09 Chickens 007 2015-05-09 Chickens 032

2015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 002 2015-06-06 Michelle 344

 2015-05-30 Obstacle Race Whitsundays 4001616-3000

2015-06-25 Chickens 212 2015-06-25 Chickens 283

2015-06-25 Chickens 130 2015-07-11 Abbey Medieval Festival 1263

2015-06-25 Chickens 044

2015-07-03 Eugene Harpsnake 047 2015-07-03 Eugene Harpsnake 010

2015-06-15 Talia Dyball 061 2015-07-11 Abbey Medieval Festival 828

2015-07-11 Abbey Medieval Festival 845 2015-07-11 Abbey Medieval Festival 675

2015-07-11 Abbey Medieval Festival 692

2015-07-11 Abbey Medieval Festival 830 2014-12-20 Markets 021

2015-07-04 Skate Camp 1026

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Apple v Google v Microsoft

Ok this post might bring out the fanbois but that isn't the purpose of the article.

What I want to demonstrate is the business reasons and to some extent personal reasons why I believe the Microsoft Ecosystem is the best.

This isn't to say that the others don't have their place, and I’ll explain what that place is. I'll also hopefully demonstrate the overlaps as well.

Let start of why the basic understanding of what each of these three eco systems are and what they do.

Apple_logo_black.svgApple. The iWorld revolves around two basic things, hardware and authentication. Apple has been around for a long time and at various stages in my career has been my primary system (shock horror for some of my friends right there). However all that changed with the iPod and iTunes.

Apple dramatically changed their ethos of being a purely devices company until that point to force an authentication process (needed to access the iTunes store). With various incarnations since then they have until recently made this very difficult for people. There have been numerous cases of issues with devices locked to single users who had lost their authentication details unable to access their purchased music, many manufacturing faults with original iPod, and then the whole iCloud issue with families using a single account being forced to effectively change to individual accounts. Additionally most non tech users didn't know the right way to set this up and continually lose their iPhone contacts with their phones, lose their music and don't use even half of the power of this actually pretty good system. (Note Apple users are not alone in that problem)

All the way through the evolution of their devices since the iPod, iPhone, iMac etc., Apple have continually evolved their authentication process. It is now pretty good for a standalone user to have all their iDevices connected, syncing and backed up, able to be replaced simply and easily.

One other comment, the Apple store is based on the iOS development platform and although there is a pretty low bar for developers any app released for this platform works across all devices.

Logo_Google_2013_Official.svgGoogle. Google don't own Android. A lot of people don't realise that. Android is an open source OS developed by Google and based on the Linux kernel. It is primarily a mobile OS. Interestingly there are more mobile devices using android than any other OS combined, iOS, windows etc. The primary difficulty with Android is the code development process that has seen massive code splits and forks based on hardware. In fact there are so many sub branches of the code that it is almost impossible for application developers (and there are over 1 million apps in the Google Play Store) to build apps that are compatible with every device. I own several android devices and some of them can have the same app installed on them but many of the apps I own will only work on one device and not others.

The android world also revolves around hardware. That is the actual software is specific to each device, and iterations of the core OS are not always or generally backward or forward compatible. In addition because the devices are mobile devices the phone providers generally control the update release path. Jail breaking mobile devices is often the only way for many users to gain access to new OS upgrades.

Google is also an authentication platform just like Apple. However their spread and control is much wider. Google is primarily a software company, not a device company. They don't (with the exception of the Chromebook) build any of the billions of android devices out there. The build software, and a very impressive list they hold. The key to the entire Google world is your Google account - often known just as the Gmail account.

Windows10LogoMicrosoft. Windows is what most people think of when you mention Microsoft. And for good reason. Windows OS in one way or another is the operating system used by over 80% of all users. This hasn't changed markedly in the 10 years, although mac has doubled from 4.5% to 9% and mobile use has gone from 1% to 5% approximately. Source http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_os.asp

Microsoft have almost never been a device company, and largely their device attempts have been marked disasters financially. (Zune, Xbox, Surface). All great devices, but poor marketing and cumulative bad decisions (e.g. the Blu-ray v HD DVD war).

Microsoft Windows OS however has only been one strength. The other core foundational strength of authentication like the others is equally important. And all the apps in their store (over half a million) work across all devices.

But Microsoft Office is the primary reason why Microsoft is different from Apple and Google.

Microsoft Office logo 2012The world’s premier productivity application has gone from strength to strength ever since Windows 95 and Office 95. Prior to that there were alternative competitors but they rapidly dropped off the scene and by 2000 were all but non-existent. There are still small alternative open source alternatives like Open Office. And although Google Apps is seen as an alternative, it’s not actually for one important reason - there is no desktop install for Google Apps - you must be online to use their browser apps. Microsoft office has browser apps that deeply and richly integrate with a full installable desktop application and that is why they are not comparable.

So that's the background out of the way.

Now for the primary reason that I prefer Microsoft over Google and Apple. And note - this is not to denigrate the others, they just can't do what Microsoft can do. Also please note I am dumbing down here to a lowest common denominator. Yes there are technically savvy people (and the fact you are reading this blog probably indicates you are one of those) to whom this lowest level doesn't apply. But the general run of the mill average computer user doesn't even understand all these points of difference. Their password is the name of their dog with their year of birth backwards or it’s written on a yellow sticky note under their keyboard because their company makes them change it every 60 days (how inconvenient). They don't use keyboard shortcuts and use their mouse as their primary input tool, they still use desktop icons because most of their important documents are saved onto their desktop in a forest of icons. They don't know how to use the start key (what is the start key?). In a Microsoft world this user needs at least one password, maybe two. They have their password to access their computer - (which on a Windows 8 pc is either their Microsoft ID or their company domain authentication). They may have both a Microsoft ID and a company AD authentication - especially if they have office 365.

Everything they need to do is controlled and accessed with this authentication.

Now if you add a windows phone or table there is no change. Everything is seamlessly synced between a Windows 8 pc, phone or tablet device and there is no need for any further authentication.

And here is where it gets tricky.

If you want to use an iPhone or Android mobile device, you suddenly enter their worlds for authentication. And now nothing syncs. And you suddenly have two sets of passwords and two sets of apps that don't necessarily crossover.

And then there are the browser wars (currently being won by chrome and Google). Sure you can use Chrome without signing in and many people do. But as soon as you want to sync your browsing history and preferences between your mobile device (android anyway) and your pc you need a Google account. And don't try and have a pc with chrome as your browser of choice and an iPhone. Never the three shall meet!


And so it should have become abundantly clear right there why I favour the Microsoft world. For most (over 80%) users they’re using it for work or personal computer. Office is really the only product tool there is. And authentication is critical so having multiple authentications and knowing when to use them is just painful.

As an IT professional who spends most of my time assisting these users who are not tech savvy, who are 30 plus years old generally (not digital natives) who can't remember complex passwords or use apps or tools to do it for them, every additional level of complexity is just too much. They don't spend their waking moments figuring out how they can mash non compatible systems together. They use their computing devices as necessary evils for accomplishing their daily tasks.

Microsoft makes that easy. Google and Apple just complicate it.