Wimbledon 2008 Quarter Finals

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I am really enjoying this years tennis at Wimbledon. Roger Federer is playing usual metronomic game and hasn't dropped a set as he has progressed now to a semi final with Safin. His game against Ancic tonight was just precision tennis, his usual style. He is on a 69 game or so winning streak. I thought Lleyton Hewitt Photo Titled Roger rampagehad been playing well but his 3rd round match against Federer was a foregone conclusion. Marat beat Lopez in a very tough game. Lopez lost it mentally at the end when the linesman made  call on a point that Lopez thought he had won and the umpire replayed the point. From there he threw it away and actually lost the match on a double fault. I think Marat will prove no problem to Federer. Safin is ranked 75, and not playing his best tennis while Federer is just working in his lounge room where he has won the last 6 tournaments in a row.

The other side of the draw is much more interesting. In fact this article is taking me a long time to write as I watch the awesome Photo Titled Rafael Nadalmatch between Rafael Nadal and Andrew Murray. I am predicting a Federer Nadal grand final. Nadal has really improved his grass court tennis since last year. Of course he is unstoppable on clay but his game play here is phenomenal. He is relentless in hunting down the cross court shots that Murray is throwing at him. He has currently broken Murray again to go 2 sets up with 6-3, 6-2. I don’t think Murray has anything left. Nadal is too fit, too strong and can pull unbelievable shots out of nowhere to return what look like unbeatable winners. Murray is undoubtedly playing the best tennis of his life but its not enough.

The 3rd set was an absolute stonker with Rafael Nadal taking it out eventually 6-4. Murray played very well but Nadal just was relentless and continually pulled off amazing shots. If anything Murray just tried too hard.

Cant wait til the final.