What is this emotion

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Went through the hard times together
28 years I’ve known ya
Roh you are never gonna be forgotten
Cos I love you mate
And you live in my heart forever and
It stinks
Cos I won’t get to hear your voice again
And that sucks
To think about this is an emotion
Raw and wide open
I don’t know what this feeling is
And it sucks
I hold all my memories of times with you dear
I’ll treasure your grin and laugh
Your endless giving of support
Your generosity of spirit
Waves of sadness are rolling off me
Grief for your loved ones
Grief for the world’s loss
Grief – what an emotion
It sucks
Memories comes to me
Snippets of video igniting afresh in my brain
Moments I’ve stored for healing in this time
Shared experiences, rallies, photos, cars, models, tech, family, hospitals, floods, the list goes on
I’m getting emotional
This side of the brain is deeply delving
Your spirit lives on

Written on the news of Rohan hills Passing
1 May 2023
© Timothy Miller