Weekend Round up

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So much happened I cant write it all down but some summaries will have to do.

Football - played 2 games in the tournament - damaged my hamstring again though not badly - however will be needing some work on it. Played full forward for about 15 minutes and kicked a behind, got a tackle that went un rewarded, missed another kick and had 3 coring opportunities where the ball kicked to me didn't come straight to me and I couldn't mark it. Still hd lots of fun and the team is starting to gel. The rest of the time I played in defence and laid a lot of tackles and disposed of the ball cleanly. The coach said afterward I had clean hands. Oh and I had a contested mark inside 50 that I went back to kick, but one of our players ran into space in the pocket so I kicked to him, and his kick was touched on the line.

image277Friday night I went to youth group at our new church and checked out the security aspects. I will do a little consulting to them on security for the next few weeks. Will be different from the last youth group as we don't have neighbourhood gangs here. I did find a snake though - see the pics at Flickr.

Sunday church was an awesome tie of fellowship and listening and learning. Sunday afternoon I watched the Grand Prix - what a race! Then we went to the park and met up with some other locals and some guys from our church, end result, one of the local fellows will be coming to youth group - awesome!

Lastly right now I am up early as I am off to a clients - really weird thing. We have tendered on a large amount of work for this multinational company and the word is we are probably going to win the tender. However today I am going as a business analyst to the potential clients meeting with the opposition who are tendering. They want my opinion on their offering!

And one last thing - here are some black swan pics from earlier in the month. More on Flickr.