Vista Media Center can make the best DVD library EVER!

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This is my project for this weekend.

If you'd like to avoid the bother of inserting a DVD into the Player and would prefer to browse you collection very easily all on ourTV/monitor and hit "play" read on.

According to Max all you need to make the best digital library is:

1) Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate (these are the versions that include the new Media Center that I am using)

2) A DVD ripping program of your choice, the one I will be using is DVDFab. The free version does everything you will need to make this magic happen.

3) A desktop or laptop with a decent size hard drive (movies are big... 4-9 gigabytes uncompressed)

4) DVD-ROM drive... if you don't have this, you're probably running Windows 95 anyway and might as well skip this guide :-)

 Read the rest of Max's guide. I will report on my success later.

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