Viruses and Illegitmate Windows

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I spent 3 hours in the weekend cleaning viruses and trojan horses out of a friend's computer. They had popups happenning galore and the pc was running so slow because of all the applications that were loading at start time it almost wasn't functioning at all.

The worst thing, they had been sold the PC and Windows XP and Office 2003 by some dodgy backyard bloke who had given them illegal unlicensed software, though they were unaware of that fact.

The annoying thing for them is now they have to spend $300 odd to get Win XP Pro and have me install it for them. The funny thing from my perspective is the guy had left several folders on the computer containing all his cd images he installed from and also heaps of his customers invoices. From the information gathered there I was able to ring the Microsoft Piracy Report line and dob him in. I hope he gets whats coming to him.

If you come across pirate Microsoft software then report it to the Anti-Piracy Hotline (AUSTRALIA Number 1800 63 99 63)