VBA primer plans

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I have been requested numerous times recently by readers in comments and emails to write some how to articles for VBA. It is my intention to start to do this.

My basic plan will be to take situations where new VBA users record some code with the VBA recorder, and then want to try and make it more robust.

vba An article by Nick Hodge (the Excel Nick Hodge) on Dicks Daily Dose of Excel website illustrates my point.

I probably will not write articles as long or as in depth as he has done. Instead I will focus on small parts of this code such as range selection, switching workbooks, defining variables and constants and using them etc. Specifically each article I write will have real practical application. E.g how to copy data from one file to another, how to save a spreadsheet as values for emailing etc.

In the meantime enjoy Nicks article on his coding technique particularly the latter stages where he talks about the progression in code development in VBA.