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Installing Sharepoint WSS3 on SBS2K3

Today I decided to install Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 on my SBS2003 server. Actually I didn't just decide, I have been planning and thinking about this for sometime.
With some help from Susan the SBS diva I found the following pages and steps to do this.

  1. First of all BACKUP my existing SharePoint site. I followed the instructions to backup companyweb data
  2. Second read the Installing WSS3 on SBS2003 Server Whitepaper
  3. Download SharePoint WSS3
  4. Follow all the steps in the whitepaper to install WSS3 on the server
  5. Have stir fried kangaroo and mushrooms with scrambled eggs on toast with cheese for lunch

Some other pages I looked at and reviewed were:
The Company Web in SBS 2003
Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Document: Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Quick Reference Guide

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Microsoft Sharepoint Deep Dive Training

I really want to go to this training session - a MOSS Deep Dive for 4 days, but.... and its a big but! Its $2860.
Still I can dream I get a contract between now and the beginning of November with a client working on Sharepoint that will pay me to go...

Heres what I would learn.
At course completion students will be able to:

  • Upgrade their Sharepoint v2 sites/portals to Sharepoint V3.
  • Implement and extend Microsoft Office client side solutions.
  • Implement custom workflows developed in Visual Studio .Net 2005
  • Setup and configure Sharepoint 2007 Infrastructure.
  • Architect the ‘Portal’ and sub-sites layouts and best strategies.
  • Know what the best practices are within the Sharepoint Space.
  • Create custom WebParts and Sharepoint customizations with ease.
  • Create Site wide features and event handlers.