SpyJournal upgraded and egosurfing

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I just finished upgrading SpyJournal’s backend for a whole bunch of modules and the Core Drupal system. After finishing I checked some stats and did a bit of back tracking.

2010-03-20 Model Shoot 022-640 Here are some interesting places I found myself in before getting bored with egosurfing.

Real Website worth – this site is currently worth $857.04. I would value it a lot higher and the data doesnt appear to be very accurate. It does say I’m ranked 567895 on Alexa. My page rank is also 3 not 2.

Photos for sale websites

I got a link posted on Egghead cafe as an answer to conditional formatting in Excel by a user called C_A_P

Wholinkstome – extremely under represented here!

I got linked in a MSDN community site for Excel VBA

Rebecca Bollwitt (Miss 604) and I got linked to on …ology – see my original Geek girls article on Miss 604

Lots of top Google searches for all sorts of things including pornograpy (yeah spelt wrong), various Excel and VBA searches, Power Pivot, OneNote, AFL training schedules,