Real Live Preacher Maintenance Gig

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I have just been asked by Gordon from Real Live Preacher to handle all the technical maintenance and management of his website. Seeing as his site is getting over 3000 unique hits a day that's a responsible job! I have been talking this possibility over with him for several weeks now and am very pleased he has come to us. We plan to do an excellent job - of course. Hi Gordon :)

rlp will announce the news officially on his site tomorrow, though he gave a teaser today.

The funniest thing was that within hours of his emailing me (while I was asleep) the site broke, so my first email of the day was his acceptance and 2 emails up was his cry for help! With the help of my techie Rohan, we solved that one quick smart and are now planning the major job of upgrading his site to the most recent version of drupal.