New Windows Mobile Powered Devices

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Microsoft Windows Mobile is now really taking off in Smart Phones and PDAs.

There are a range of devices in each of these categories on the Microsoft Windows Mobile Website.

Take your Microsoft Office Outlook
e-mail, contacts, and calendar with you. With Windows Mobile, you can browse the Web, view Microsoft Office files,* listen to music, and more—all from your mobile phone.

Need everything except the phone? With a Windows Mobile powered PDA, you get the mobile version of Microsoft Office, which includes Outlook Mobile, Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, and PowerPoint Mobile. Plus, if your PDA has Wi-Fi, you can surf the Web and check Web-based e-mail on Wi-Fi networks.

I have had a smartphone previously and have a O2 PDA phone now. The smartphone was using a previous version of Windows mobile and wasn't as good as they are now. The O2 PDA phone is great, but the charging connection is really dodgy and I cannot get the thing to charge up so I'm not using it at the moment. However my current Nokia is getting towards the end of its life, and I will probably replace it with a new smart phone in due course. This is a good research page in the meantime.

For really good reviews on devices check c|nets smartphone reviews page.