Motherboards - bah!

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I have had all sorts of problems getting the 8GB of DDR3 RAM  to run in my new Striker II Extreme board. In fact getting the board o run at all has not been easy

ASUS_S2E It started with CPU INIT errors, and the progressed to BSOD once I got it to POST to BIOS (though couldn’t even get that to happen consistently) and then i started getting CODE INIT errors ( a code that doesn’t even exist in the manual). I gave up and took it back to the shop and they have replaced the board and are attempting to get a stably running system for me. Beyond this blokes skill level! When you read some of these forums below you will se why. So if you have come here looking for answers tot he Asus Striker 2 Extreme Motherboard CPU INIT or CODE INIT errors then read through all these forum links below.

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Everybody else stop reading unless you want to be bored by a long technical story only serious geeks would find amusing, though if you are serious geek you can't now stop reading and still continue to think of yourself as one. Hmmm got you haven’t I?

My only comment on the CPU INIT error is you do not need to wait 12, 3 or even 2 hours after taking the battery out. In fact you don’t need to take the battery out. I found that pressing the CMOS CLR button followed by the power button some 20-100 times will get it to start eventually. Neither do you need to remove all RAM chips except one or even video cards. It seems to me that this problem is more about a very sensitive voltage requirement for the RAM. I got it to boot to bios with 3 video cards and 8GB of RAM numerous times. However i couldn’t get it to consistently do it which is of course a necessity for a stable system – something the Striker board seems incapable of providing and DDR3 RAM in general seems unlikely to be able to achieve with any of the current boards out there. Please if you have a MB with more than one PCIe slot (preferably populated by more than one graphics card) and 4GB plus of DDR3 RAM running smoothly let me know! And by smoothly I mean you turn it on and it runs first time and goes for at least a week before needing to be restarted!

The following links are organised by the boards I have research though I have only had experience with the Striker so far. It seems likely that my shop will try more than one board. I don’t have the time to spend on this right now. (Or the patience.)

Oh and one more thing. To the inventers of the idea that computer cases work best with the power supply at the bottom with a fan opening facing up I hate you!. Yes hate. As In want to hunt you down and paint anti PSU in bottom of case signs on your bathroom mirror in dripping red lipstick. After following the erroneous advice to remove the battery for the 7,000th time I dropped the slippery little sucker into the PSU through the fan grill. 20 minutes of shaking later I had sweat running down both arms before the battery decided to navigate its way back to the grill for removal.

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