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link Here is a round up of a lot of pages I have tagged in delicious or just decided to link to because of their content but don't have time to review in depth.

Mark from Geeks are Sexy has written a very good article on writing for the web using RSS and other tools to gather information and resources. A must read for any serious blogger.

Miguel from Tip of the Day has written a long explanation of the need to Make and Maintain a Master Information Document. Use this tool to hold all passwords, settings and other vital information that your executors and survivors will need when you die.

I have written previously about Xobni. My review of the product is Simply Awesome. These two articles from Geeks are Sexy and Tip of the Day are good in depth reviews. My opinion - if you get more than 10-20 emails a day and send the same amount then you need Xobni. Mum - that means you too! all the download and install instructions are on the Xobni page. Its a breeze to install and use. Can I say it again - if you use email - then get Xobni!

New on the social network scene is Ning. Ning allows you to create your own network very simply - and use it with you group of friends - be uit a club, a community, a family reunion, whatever. I have set up one for the basketball group I am coaching. Check it out!

F-Secure Home Server Security Beta is virus software for the Windows Home Server. The beta is currently free.

Josh from Bokardo has written a good article about the usage lifecycle of the social web.

I have a spyjournal friendfeed account now. Friendfeed is a new mashup combining all the social data that you contribute to any site in the large list they cover including facebook, RSS from your blog, delicious, Flickr, Pownce, StumbleUpon, YouTube etc. Anybody who is anybody ont he web has an account, Chris Pirrilo, Robert Scoble, Jason Calacanis, Darren Rowse to name a few. you can add these peoples feeds to your subscriptions and see all their activity all over the net in one place. This summary can also be delivered to your email.

Zivity is a new beta. It is a community-powered showcase promoting female beauty. Looks interesting.

Wetpaint is a free wiki software that you can use to create public or private wikis. I created a private wiki for a group of people I am involved with to discuss a possible social website development for that group of people. It is working really well. It was very easy to set up and fairly intuitive for the users, who had never heard of a wiki before.