Letter to my member of parliament

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I just sent this to my Member of Parliament regarding the proposed internet censorship scheme.

no clean feed Feel free to use this if you want. I adapted this from Broadband Revolution.

Dear Mr _______

I was wondering if you were able to answer the following questions for me please about the proposed filter / censorship scheme that Senator Conroy is planning to introduce.

1. Has the probability of inadvertent exposure to Refused Classification material by adults been quantified? If not, is this probability judged to be: low, moderate or high?

2. Have the consequences of inadvertent exposure to Refused Classification material by adults been measured? Are these thought to be minor, major or serious?

3. Has the quantity of potentially Refused Classification material in existence on the Internet been estimated in either absolute or relative terms?

4. Does the Government have an estimate or measure of the percentage of potentially Refused Classification material on the Internet that is currently Refused Classification? What is that estimate?

5. Does the Government have a coverage goal for the Refused Classification list in terms of the percentage of potentially Refused Classification material that is actually refused classification? What is that goal?

6. Is the Government concerned that in exempting X-18+ material from the specifications of the mandatory filter that it may be implicitly condoning the consumption of X-18+ rated materials by Australian adults? Does this also mean that it implicitly believes this information is suitable for children who may ignore ratings that may or may not even exist on this content?

7. Does the Government believe it is acceptable for Australian adults who encounter X-18+ or potentially Refused Classification material on the Internet to treat such material as not Refused Classification until such time as ACMA makes a definitive decision otherwise? Is there any potential for retrospective action to be taken against anybody who access this material prior to its RC classification?

8. Does the Government believe that Australian adults who encounter such X-18+ or potentially Refused Classification material should use their own judgment to decide for themselves whether they should remain exposed to such material?

9. If the Government does believe that all Australian adults should retain for themselves the responsibility of deciding what material is, and is not, acceptable to view, why is the mandatory filter required?

10. What political benefit does the ALP gain by successfully shepherding enabling legislation for the mandatory ISP-level filter through both houses of parliament?

11. As an internet web hosting company what take down requirements will be placed on us in relation to our clients who might link to content that is later classified RC? Who is supposed to enforce this? Is this yet another cost on small business?

12. If the current estimated list of around 1,000 sites that need to be listed rises beyond the estimated maximum of 10,0000 that the current filter technology as tested by Enex can manage what impact will this have on the government’s ability to roll out faster national broadband access to all Australian residents?

13. What is the government doing in relation to the current danger to child safety that exists on the net that will not be solved by putting in place a filter. I am referring to the over 60% of internet traffic that is in P2P systems, chat and online interactive forums and messaging systems, cyber grooming using facebook and MySpace etc? Or is the government planning on extending the filter to cover these systems. What impact on internet performance would such an increase in scale have? Or does the government not want to protect our children from these potential dangers which are far more likely to occur then what is already illegal and in most cases almost impossible to find on the net anyway.

Thanks for your time - I look forward to you or your colleagues considered response to these questions in an appropriate timeframe.

Yours sincerely