Late night news

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I am working late tonight - getting some stuff cleared before a busy day tomorrow so that I can focus on a client deadline.

So as a way of reducing the number of webpages I have open in Firefox (currently 52) here's a whole bunch that I am tagging to delicious and closing for later review.

Win-SmBizSrvr08_rgbSBS server 2008 RC0 released to public for beta trial. We will be dlwonloading and installing this in a Virtual Machine to trial. We will be upgrading from SBS 2003 later in the year when SBS 2008 is released. The screen shots I have seen so far look awesome.

Now how is this for interesting. While reading articles in Google Reader I came across this article by Josh from Bokardo titled Designing for the social web: signs of life. It had an interesting set of photos that highlighted happy customers / users of a website - I didnt bother checking what the site was. I just thought that was a rpetty cool idea and planned to incorporate it in my business websites, and I left the page open in Firefox so I could tag it later. I am then reading Scobleizer's article about why he social networks (makes a lot of sense by the way) and I saw a link to a Freshbook Cluster on FeedFriend. Hopping over there I decide to open Freshbooks to see what the fuss is all about and imagine my surprise (which you can experience also) to see the same pictures of happy users. Yes Josh had lifted the pictures from the Freshbooks site (with credit though I hadn't followed his link). I will check out Freshbooks later. Has anybody used it already? I would be interested in your feed back in the comments.

Finally thanks to Alison(who relaunched her blog on her own domain name 10 days ago) I came across Miro in her post about Miro. Miro is an opensource video player that will pay most if not all internet content. Video files, HD, You Tube, Bit Torrents and more. I will be checking this out later. For now tagged in delicious.

And that's all folks - I am off to bed.