Google Wave - the future is here

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Wow! All I can say is “freaking awesome!”

google_wave_logo  Imagine your email, instant messaging, tweeting, blogging, picture sharing and editing all in one place – in your browser, available from anywhere, your mobile, internet cafe, work, friends place, anywhere.

Instantaneous shared editing, wiki like collaboration, history, threaded conversations, and more. This is going to be huge. Chris Saad predicted that 20% of enterprise users will be using wave in the first 12 months for more than 50% of their comms (replacing email and wiki) within 12 months from public release. I concur with his prediction.

Watch the 1 hour 20 video from Google developer conference – I was glued to it.

Willy Lim has provided some specific points in the main video to watch on his review.

Or watch an edited 10 minute version


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