Free Excel Tools updated

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Jon Karel Pieterse has updated two of his most popular downloads:

Name Manager (which I created together with Charles Williams,

Most important change: the unused names filter now includes objects in its search, as well as VBA code. It makes the filter much slower, but way more useful in my opinion. Also, I have added the Greek character set so Name Manager doesn’t (wrongfully) think range names with Greek characters are corrupt.


I have updated the user interface of Flexfind so (in my opinion) it is easier to use. Also, I have mimicked the find all behaviour of Excel: if you select multiple items in the found items list, Flexfind will create a (multiple) selection of areas of the found cells.

Jan Karel has been awarded the Microsoft MVP Award several times. Worldwide, there are only about 75 Excel MVPs. We have two MVPs working for Jethro Management, one full time and one on contract as needed. As a result we have been able to improve the quality of Excel service we provide to our clients. Contact us if you need Excel solutions developed for your organisation.