Erin's Birthday

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IMG_2719 Erin blowing out her candles on her birthday cake on her birthday the other day. My little girl is growing up fast. She is 7 now and a little livewire bundle. When you hold her she clings like a monkey, and you can feel every muscle and tendon is just wiry – she is bursting with energy and hardly ever sits still.

She loves to jump up to me to get a cuddle and she springs off the floor and into my arms and wraps her arms around my neck. Usually this is followed by her wriggling back down (all too soon) and she is off and running at the next thing. She has endless stamina, I think she will be a good long distance runner. Erin also loves to draw. She often comes in and borrows my whiteboard markers – making a little box on the whiteboard to draw pictures for daddy.

I love her!