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I’ve got lots of interesting things to share today.

If you like medieval siege equipment then this YouTube video of Mongo the Trebuchet will fascinate you and if you don’t have any particular interest than perhaps just the sight of a flaming fireball being hurled through the air might. Link thanks to Geeks are Sexy.

Glasses-woman-3_slide_showAnother “heads up” from the Sexy Geeks (pun intended) concerns Terry Pratchett and some fancy hi tech science helping him fight Alzheimers.

A Drupal group meetup is on in Brisbane next week – I’m going.

Two new OneNote blogs – from guys in the Microsoft One Note team – John Guin writes on One Note Testing and Jeff Cardon on OneNote Tips & Tricks

Hard Drive Not Found and Data Recovery with Windows Home Server another great story on why to have a Windows Home Server. We are setting up our second one now.

Windows 7. There’s been lots of build up and very little hype. The beta is out and being installed by large numbers of people. I have mine downloaded but haven’t had time to set up a test machine for it yet.

Here are some reviews blogs and other items.

There is a Windows 7 at a glance whitepaper for Microsoft partners

Xobni have some great “how to” videos

I finally got around to downloading and installing the Microsoft Research Worldwide Telescope. Wow – what an amazing educational tool allowing you explore the heavens from your desktop. You can cionfigure it to see what your viewing from your own house is like so you can look for familiar constellations and then drill in way beyond the naked eye and see what the big telescopes can see as well as learn about the heavenly bodies. What an amazing creation! There is even a kids tour featuring Wall-E.

Some sad news, the number of abortions in the US since 1973 is approaching 50 million. Between two worlds blog post refers to the Memorial to the Missing that is being built as well as provides a way to envisage the number of deaths that involves.

Microsoft Learning has some great free videos on some of their software tools. Here are links to videos about Silverlight, Virtualisation, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista. Microsoft Expression Blend is the new Microsoft web design application. There are lots of tools to help with Expression Blend on their website.

3jam have a desktop tool allowing you to send SMS messages to over 180 countries in the world. I use it to receive my twitter direct messages on my phone as that is not otherwise free here in Australia.