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Back to Basics: OneNote

image Microsoft Office OneNote 2007

I love OneNote.   When I first started working for Tim he asked me to sign up with a lot of things online, and start using different programs that I'd never even heard of before. One of those programs was 'OneNote'.  At first I didn't use it that much, I'm one of those people who don't really enjoy changing the way you do things. I found it more practical to write things down in my physical notebook that I carried in my bag, But since then I've personalised my OneNote and have been keeping heaps of information organised nicely in there.

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Syncing OneNote to to SharePoint

If you have a OneNote notebook on SharePoint with some of these errors:

  • An 'infobar' appears at the top of the page in OneNote saying you don't have permission to sync to that section file
  • You may have failed to create a new notebook on that SharePoint location
  • You may have failed to open the notebook

Check out David Rasmussen's Blog for a few answers to these problems.

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Mobile Computing

Technology is amazing. We can utilise the tech tools available to us these days in remarkable ways.

I am currently sitting in a train listening to music on my Zen while writing this blog post on my tablet PC using a digital pen.

I have just finished reviewing notes for a client workshop I am heading into the city to. First I opened my email & opened some excel files to review some settings & details we are going to be discussing. Second I copied the meeting agenda to One Note so I will be able to make notes as we go in the workshop. Third I printed my quote for the work to be done from a PDF attached to an email to OneNote so I can easily refer to it in the meeting. Finally I opened Windows Live Writer to compose this blog post. It will get published as soon as I get back online.

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Syncing OneNote - A How to Video

Josh Einstein, of Einstein Technologies / Tablet Enhancement for Outlook fame, has done a video that explains how to setup a shared notebook on your local network as well as over Hamachi.