Blurred Reality

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IMG_8767-250 Day and night, wake and sleep - they are starting to blur - I am not sure which state I am in at the moment.

This started Thursday night. After I got home from volleyball coaching, I looked in on my developer who was supposed to be doing some remediation work for me on a website - due to be completed by the following day at midday (my time). He assured me it would be done. I knew I had some work to do for this which had to be completed by Saturday my time but I had been waiting for him. I made a start anyway. Here's how the last 3 days have gone for me. This site is going live on Monday morning.

Friday 3:45 AM - went to bed

Friday 7:45 AM - woke up

Friday 8:15 AM - went to athletics day - see Judes post about the athletics day. I ran the long jump competition for 100 odd kids. I also ran a leg of a 4x100 relay - us old fellas beat the young fellas!

Friday 4:00 PM - got home - check website - nothing was done  couldn't get hold of developer.

Friday 4:30 PM - had reserve developer heading my way - went and showered and went to sleep

Friday 6:30 PM - woke up and had dinner

Friday 7:00PM - Matt arrived and we worked through until 6 AM before crawling into bed

Saturday 6:00AM - went to bed

Saturday 9:00 AM - got up and drove to McDonalds where my techie Rohan was having a presentation of a braille machine for his blind daughter

Saturday 1:30 PM - got home and straight back into programming on web site

Saturday 6:00 PM - thunderstorm flickered power and dropped internet at both Matt's and my place (80KM apart)

Saturday 7:00 PM - I stopped and had dinner and watched football while Matt worked on site on his own - I checked on him from time to time - he finished up for night at 1 AM

Saturday 10:30 PM - went to bed - dreamed about website development

Sunday 7:00 AM - got up

Sunday 7:30 AM - went to football - got best on ground coaches award - dislocated one guys finger (from the other team)!

Sunday 1:30 PM - got home - worked on website with Matt - Skype has had a real work out this weekend!

Sunday 5:00PM - stopped for dinner and time with kids

Sunday 7:30PM - worked on website with Matt until 12:30AM - he's still going on last few items - I have finished for now - will check him later