Basketball Coaching

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I am really enjoying coaching the kids. I have been coaching them now since February this year. We had been playing together on and off since December, and they asked me to be their coach.

It has been great researching the coaching skills for the drills and the skills I have been using for 20 years, and even more fun putting it together in a package for these kids.

I have between 10 and 15 kids turn up once a week for a full training session in a gym, and 5-6 of them come running with me on Monday night and then to a local half court for skills drills and some 3 on 3.

The really exhilarating thing is seeing them start to pick up skills. They are all nearly shooting correctly now (when none of them did before) and they can all attempt a layup with most of them making it around 30% of the time. Their field shooting is increasing slightly, to close to 20%. I want to get it closer to 40% if I can.

However the biggest improvement isn't in their shooting but in their positional play. I am starting to teach them offensive and defensive moves and they are actually starting tog et it. Awesome.

Why am I doing this?

Well as I said to a mother a week or so ago, i have been playing various sports for 33 years, 22 of which I have been playing at a competitive level up to and including national level. Now it is time to give something back.

Here is a list of the sports I have played an coached. Note this only includes sports where I have been registered in an official league and doesn't count the casual sports I have played.

Soccer (football) - played on and off since I was 7 in New Zealand and Australia. From school comps through to club football up to commercial leagues as well as church association football leagues. 1 Premiership, 1 Championship, 1 runner up of each. Coached under 7s, under 8s in New Zealand and Australia.

Aussie Rules (Australian Rules Football). Played 3 years of 2nd division Brisbane League in the reserves - and just started my 1st year in the Brisbane Masters League (for over 40s).

Squash - played since I was 20 casually, played in a university league in New Zealand, played in several leagues in Australia, C grade and B grade.

Basketball. Played in social leagues from the age of 18. Played in B grade comp in Christchurch, and then in A Grade in Nelson. Tried out for the Nelson Suns (2nd Division national league) Played in C Grade comp in Australia.

Mountain Biking - cycled in local competitions and series in Christchurch and Nelson Won 1 series in Christchurch and 1 other race, always finished high up the race card. Entered one national league race event - 7th Uphill, 44th Downhill and DNF on X-country due to cramp.

Triathlons - mostly ran short course triathlons in Christchurch and Nelson. As my swimming style is not fast (just effective) I never did well at these events. Typically I was last from the water and had to make up lots of places in the run and cycle legs. However I used these events largely for the purpose of training for ultra triathlon.

Ultra Triathlon. National event the Northwest Endurance Triathlon in New Zealand. Entered this gruelling event in 1993 with a mate in the mens teams and we came 2nd. I ran the 36kms (just short of a marathon over 2 mountain ranges and then a 12 km kayak. My mate did the 72 km cycle back over the two ranges. He won both the hill climbs but we couldn't beat the top mens team.

Indoor soccer. Played 16 seasons with ParkLife. Lost more grand finals than I want to remember.

Indoor Netball. Played 1 season of this.

Touch Football (Oz Tag). Played 1 season of this.