Back up your data

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Even novices know that you have to save your files so that they aren't lost and can be easily found. But what if you don't back up your files and all of a sudden your computer decides to go on strike. Windows Vista comes with a cool feature called the Backup and Restore Centre, which you'll find in the Start menu. The Backup and Restore Centre simplifies the whole process for you, with easy to follow prompts and allows you to decide whether to backup the whole computer or specific files.

It's a good idea t backup your computer when you first set it up that way if the computer ever stops completely you can potentially restore it using the initial entire computer backup.

For the rest of the time to back up the files that you use regularly follow these steps:

  1. Click Back Up Files under Back up files or your entire Computer
  2. The Centre will automatically check everything for any backup devices that might be attached to your computer (like an external hardrive), but if it doesn't find any, it will prompt you to save to a CD, DVD, or network drive. Select the one that you want (surely they are joking with CD!)
  3. Click Next
  4. Select the type of files you want to back up from the list provided
  5. Click next
  6. Determine how often you want the backup to occur by using the How Often, What Day, and What Time drop down menus
  7. Click Save Settings and Start Backup

The first time you do a backup it will probably take long time depending on what type of files, after that back ups should be quicker as it uses an incremental backup process..