Windows Phone 7 and the HTC Mozart

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I have upgraded to a Windows Phone 7 - and the handset I chose is the HTC Mozart. It is probably the slickest phone interface i have ever used - and beats the iPhone 4 on most features. It certainly is streets ahead of the old Windows Mobile 6.5 phones - my previous phone was the extremely powerful HTX TouchPro2. Its only flaw was the slow TouchFlo3d interface.


I'm really getting some serious use out of the HTC Mozart. It does basic phone functions really well, calling, locating people, tracking messages and conversations etc. It handles calendar and email flawlessly - synching directly with my exchange account. It integrates seamlessly with Windows Live and Facebook combining all my contacts from all three places into one and merging them together (this can be customised and it doesn't do it by default). My only real complaint is the battery life when using WiFi is poor. however turning that off dramatically improves it.

One of my biggest whinges about phones in general is using them to play music. As a HiFi buff I can't stand listening to tinny sounding music on little speakers. However this phone is actually a Zune HD. Music is Dolby quality! I actually like it!

Zdnet UK have a great review of the features.

Some of the things that can be done with the new Windows Phone 7

2222-windows_phone_7Pin just about anything to Start. Simply press & hold to bring up a menu. Then one on the front menu you can press and hold and drag icons where you want them.

Take a picture even when the phone is off or locked. Press the camera button for a few seconds and snap!

Change the whole colour scheme really easily.

Search using the search button from almost every screen, contacts (called People) email, messages, etc.

There's even more at

Tips and Tricks

Tips to get you comfortable with your phone. Gestures, buttons, Start, keyboard, volume and more.

Keep in touch. Set up Facebook, add email accounts, make calls, text friends and see status updates in the People Hub.

Make it your own. Put your stamp on your phone. Pin your favourite things to Start, change colours, choose ringtones and more.

ZuneCamera and picturesFind my phonePhotos, music & more

Snap & share. Take great pictures, post them, share them with friends and back them up.Camera & pictures

Lost phone? Learn how to use Find My Phone to ring it, lock it, erase it or find it on a map. Find My Phone

Stay in sync. Synchronise music, pictures and updates with your PC using the Zune software.

Light up your phone

SpeechXbox LIVEOfficeUse Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and SharePoint on your phone.

Get set up to play all kinds of games, on your own or with friends. Xbox LIVE.

Make phone calls and open applications with just your voice.