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RSS Atom Feed Personal Blog - This is Tim's personal journal

RSS Atom Feed Excel Tips Blog - Free Microsoft Excel and VBA hints and tips

RSS Atom Feed Blog Tips Blog - Blogging tips, how to how to set up a blog and how to make money from blogging.

RSS Atom Feed Tech Tips Blog - Geeks heaven - go here for all things tech. Software, Hardware, Gadgets and geek humour.

RSS Atom Feed Urban Space Novel - Tim's Novella - in the making.

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6 April 2006

Get Chitika eMiniMalls

Tweaked the chikita minimalls ads. Changed keywords to match search words. You can add Chikitia minimall ads to your site also and start making money.

8 February 2005

I tweaked all the rollover colours for each of the four blog sites. ALl links now feature the same colour when rolled over with the mouse but with a contrasting background.

30 October 2004

Created an Urban Space blog for the NaNoWriMo challenge.

Completed Pats Party pages. Pat plays soccer for Parklife and turned 40 in October.

14 October 2004

The Tech Tips Website is now up and running

13 October 2004

The Blog Tips Website is now up and running

11 October 2004

My birthday photos are up on a separate page.

5 October 2004

Developed so far are the Excel Tips and Personal sites. Coming next will be Blog Tips and Tech tips

Blog Tips will provide information, tips and hints on how to set up a blog, how to use RSS (both to create XML links and how to read them) and discuss trends in blogging.

Tech Tips will provide be a collection of hints and tips for Linux, ColdFusion, VB and PC tech stuff.

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