Yummy Cheeses

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More yummy cheeses on the menu – and we enjoyed tasting these ones.

First up was a double Brie from King Island Dairy. This came ina little wooden box, made from very thin wood glued together. Open the image to see the larger picture and read the story of the King Island Dairy.

IMG_3558 IMG_3559

The cheese itself was very smooth, cut very well, was not sticky, and had a very pleasant external mold, not dry and papery as some bries are.

It was a bit overshadowed by the plain rice cracker – not really a stand out performer on its own, though very nice. Today I had it on my sandwiches and it was very yummy mixed in there. I deliberately tasted this first as the most bland of the 3 cheeses being sampled.


The next was another Havarti, this time by South Cape. This was possibly even creamier in taste than the Mainland one we tried a couple of weeks ago, though a little more rubbery in texture.


The 3rd and final cheese (left to last because of its flavour, is a Trilogy – also by South Cape. This particular one contains Summer herbs, Vintage and sun dried tomato. A very nice mixture, the 3 different flavours balance each other nicely. This is a good cheddar. It was the hardest to cut, stick to the knife after slicing almost every time. Also the sun dried tomato bits caused the knife to not slice straight at times.


Summary: I had a very hard time choosing one cheese from this list. However the cheddar can only be stomached in small portions. The Havarti could be eaten all day long, and the brie makes for excellent sandwiches.