The weekend - climbing, church and chunder

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IMG_0665-800Saturday I went climbing with a bunch of young folk. We headed up Mt Beerwah, one of the local volcanic plugs making up the Glasshouse mountains, so called because when Captain Cook anchored off the coast he could see the distinctive plugs sticking up in the distance like glass houses.

The full story and pictures can be found at

Church on Sunday was a good time of reflection and teaching in Ephesians. Jude and Erin stayed home with the chunder bug that has hit this house in the last week - with all the kids succumbing to it in succession. Jude and I haven't chundered, but both had some queasiness last week. Hopefully it is all gone now.

Work continues on at pace - there is always lots to do an not enough time to do it in. I had another hard drive fail last week. This was one of my main SBS server drives, however it is in a RAID mirror. Removing the drive enabled us to continue operating. I immediately took an extra backup as a precaution. the drive that was failed was a 200GB Seagate Barracuda, and the replacement drive I received under warranty was a 250GB Drive as they had no 200GB drives in stock. However the RAID array detected the new drive and rebuilt the array in a little over 6 hours. Server is all back and working fine with no loss of data as should be the case. A hardware RAID mirror is an excellent precaution to take whenever you have data that is important to you. However do not use that as an excuse not to backup as well.

Back to work now...