Vista SP1 woes

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vista logo Not mine fortunately, though I have one laptop that I haven't been able to install the Service Pack on at all yet - will look at why later. (Update - I uninstalled the non supported language packs and then SP1 installed correctly.)

The point of this article is to provide a resource in one place of as many issues and resolutions for Vista Service Pack 1 installation problems as possible in one place. Note I will continue to add to this page as I get more information. It might pay to book mark this one using delicious or stumbleupon.

Microsoft Pages for Vista SP1

Blogs by people experiencing trouble with SP1


Other resources

PC Pro News article "VISTA SP1 horror stories start to appear" - they love sensational headlines! Especially when the last sentence of this article reads;

So, while it's not a silver bullet that will silence the ranks of its critics, SP1 looks a solid release that you should install as soon as it's available.

Google News link for Vista SP1 install problems

Performance Testing by APC Mag

Delete SP1 install files after completed