Urban Space - Chapter 8

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Kat and Robin said their good byes to Lara and Kim and headed for the carpark. Halfway there they were walking toward a small quadrangle when from up ahead round the corner of the building they could hear male voices laughing. The next thing they heard was an Italian voice saying Princess Katarina in a mocking voice. Enough to stop them in their tracks just short of the building’s corner. With bated breath they waited to hear what was next.

“Ice Princess Katarina I should call her” the voice grumbled. I don’t know what it will take to break that barrier. Every advance I make is rebuffed. You would think she couldn’t stand me, yet every now and again I will catch her unawares and she blushes so much you’d think she was sunburnt. Yet next minute she’s aloof and wary as a caged eagle.”

“You should give up mate. There are plenty more single women on this campus, and they are all eager to get the Italian stallion.”

The two girls listened spellbound.

“Maybe, but I set the goal of the hard to get Princess. I get her and the rest of the campus is mine.”

“Well let’s make a bet then. I bet you won’t bed her before the end of this semester.”

“You’re on buddy.”

The sound of skin meeting skin as the two boys clapped hands together sealing their bargain broke the trance the two girls were in. “Quick” whispered Robin, “Come the other way in case they come towards us.” The two girls quickly scampered round the other side of the building and into a little alcove in the side of the building just in time before the two boys came round walking back the way the girls had come from. They didn’t see the two girls pressed against the side of the building and were soon out of sight.

“Oh the pig!” exclaimed Kat.

“How could they?” Robin inquired.

“I am so over him” Kat responded. “I thought he was too smooth to be true.”

“Let’s make his life hell in class then,” Robin said. “He won’t know what hit him.”

“Shall we tell the other girls?”

“It’s a matter of national interest” Robin replied, “We should tell the campus radio reporters!”

“Come on lets go,” Kat said heading off once more toward her car. “Beach here we come!”

The two friends got into the car and Kat let the top down. Her t-shirt was flung into her bag, her sunnies hooked down and a basketball cap placed on her head. Robin followed suit and in a short time the two girls were rolling toward the beach in bikini tops and denim minis with the breeze whipping their sun bleached blond hair around their ears.

“This is the life” Robin called over the wind as she thrust her arms up and out. “Roll on the end of study!”

Kat blipped the convertible’s accelerator as they waited for a traffic light.

The light turned green, she stepped on the gas and off the clutch and with the tyres howling in protest launched the car forward. Shrieking with delight the two girls grinned at each other and called out in unison “To freedom!”