Top 10 reasons Entrecard and SezWho is great for blogs

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Joe from Joe Tech has written an article outlining the top ten reasons he thinks the new Entrecard – SezWho partnership is great for bloggers.

Here’s a one line summary of each point – for the details read his article.

  1. EntrecardYour blog will get more comments
  2. Comments will be high quality comments
  3. You will leave more comments
  4. Earn Entrecard credits
  5. Check Me out – a SezWho feature
  6. Reduced bounce rate
  7. Backlinks
  8. Its Viral
  9. School of Blogging
  10. It will keep you blogging


We have installed the SezWho system on this blog. Actually it was surprisingly easy to do given the amount of coding required. The SezWho site have built plugins for Drupal 6, Wordpress, Moveable Type 3.3 and 4 and also Blogger and phpBB with more coming soon.

In each case they have full instructions and screenshots, sample code and examples and it worked! First time. Here are the Drupal SezWho instructions.

As this is a Drupal site with multiple authors I have enabled the SezWho features for both Amanda and myself.

Now when you comment you also get to rate the article (using a 1-5 star method) and when it is published your details will show up from SezWho if you have a profile there. If not you have the opportunity to claim it. Click the Check me out! link.

So go ahead and comment!


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Hi Joe, This is Ravi from

Hi Joe,

This is Ravi from SezWho. Thanks for the wonderful feedback. This motivates us highly to keep improving:)

Can you please modify the url for "Drupal SezWho instructions." in the post above to

Ravi K's picture

That was quick. Thanks Joe

That was quick. Thanks Joe :)

jethro's picture

no worries Ravi

no worries Ravi