Thursday, August 16, 2007

Using a Calculator to Access Forbidden Websites

Another one from Amit - this works well!
When both Domain Name & IP Address are banned, Use Calculator to Access that Website

Wuntoo has written a detailed comment on how to bypass the internet content filtering software of your school or office using just the calculator application (Start->Run. type calc.exe). This unique Mathematics based trick will probably work when websites are blocked in your institution or corporate network based on the host name or their IP address.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Tech Dispenser - geek blog

Here is a fantastic site for tech news Tech Dispenser
Here are some excerpts

The Computerworld Blog Network
Current Feature Stories

Business Benefits Behind Green Label

Data Center Knowledge – Chris Crosbys presentation at Fridays DataCenterDynamics Washington conference was titled A Common Sense Guide for Planning and Designing A Green Datacenter. “We put green in quotes because its so abused these days,” said Crosby, the senior VP of technical serviecs for Digital Realty.

Free Windows Powershell book, or why Powerscript would have been a better name

4sysops – For Windows Administrators – Actually, you could also say, it is an introduction into Windows Powershell from Microsoft. When I skimmed over the document, I came once again to the conclusion that Powershell is not really a shell, but just another scripting language...

Google Hot Trends: Hot or Not?

Googlified – First was Google Zeitgeist that publishes lists of popular queries, then the Google Trends that shows the amount of searches of a query over a period of time, now followed by Hot Trends, a nice little toy that was added to Google Trends today. Hot Trends, in Google’s word, is “a snapshot of what’s on...

More Office Document Formats

iface thoughts – So we have more formats United Office Format (UOF) is a XML-based document format that was developed by and for China, in addition to ODF and OOXML. It addresses all the office document types – word processing, spreadsheets and presentation. As I understand, the purpose of this format, like the others, is to bring compatibility...

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