Tuesday, November 28, 2006

MP3 players More reasons not to buy an iPod

I own 4 MP3 players.
1 is a dedicated player, a Ministry of Sound branded 512Mb device. 1 is a hybrid player, calendar and tasks, data storage device, my 30gb Creative Zen. I have a Nokia N70 phone that has an Mp3 player built in, and an XDA IIs Phone that is a PDA Phone with Windows Media player mobile built in.

None of these is an iPod. In fact I only know 1 tech minded person (geek) who owns an iPod and thats only because hes a fashion sucker.

Richard Menta writes a great review of a large number of iPod alternatives, some of which are way better than iPods, while others are great comparisons.

iLounge.com has The 2007 iPod Buyers’ Guide out now. For all existing iPod owners and any others considering the purchase, make sure you read this.


Friday, November 10, 2006

Firefox Adsense Status Bar Extension

This is cool.
Mincus have released a firefox extension that pulls your Adsense earning data and displays it in the status bar of your browser.
I find this is a really unobtrusive yet easy way to see your current earnings.


One Note 2007 Mobile

Microsoft Office One Note 2007 can go mobile now and not just on Windows Mobile but also on Pocket PC.

As soon as I upgrade my main machine to Office 2007 (I'm only using it on a dev machine at the moment) I will set this up on my pocket PC Phone.
Here are all the instructions from Microsoft