Thursday, July 06, 2006

Amanda Congdon has been fired from RocketBoom

Tell everybody - the news must get out and quickly. An enterprising lass with oodles of personality and ability has been right royally shafted by her "partner" Andrew Baron. Thats right, Amanada Congdon has been fired from RocketBoom
Amanda has announced on her personal blog the news along with some fairly exposing information of the business practices and ethics of her previous partner Andrew Baron.

In my opinion RocketBoom was Amanda anyway. It looks like she just needs some financial backers who will loan her the money or maybe look for a small percentage and she could be back on her feet with AmandaBoom or something similar in no time at all.

Link to her blog and spread the news!


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Link dump

From J-Walk Eternal Sunset
On the Web, there's always a sunset to view: Eternal Sunset.
Catching An Identity Thief
Amazing Photoshop Work
Scamming A Scammer Everyone is linking to this site today. It's a long story, but very good reading: The Incredible Shrinking Artwork.
Contortionist Zlata

From Tip of the Day Blog Google/Yahoo/Microsoft Email Compared

From Reality Me - Rock Paper Scissors is so Passe
Sync your browser settings
Do you leap between computers? A bookmark in Firefox one day at work and a bookmark the next day on the wife’s computer? Remember being at a website but don’t know which computer you were using? Google introduces another tool. Google’s Browser Sync ends your frustrations by keeping all browser information between multiple computers the same. It even claims to remember your open tabs!
Use your tools correctly. Microsoft offers all kinds of downloadable templates to make our lifes easier.

From the Office Weblog
Que jumps into eBooks - offers free Office 2003 guide
Que is offering a free download of the 10-Minute Guide to Microsoft Office 2003 (PDF e-Book) for free to quickly learn how to use Office task panes, customize your Office applications, use the Office web integration features, and migrate from your older version of Microsoft Office to the 2003 edition. This PDF e-Book can be printed, saved, and e-mailed without limitations.

From Unoffical Microsoft Office Stuff
Use HTML in Messages

From Robin Good
Microsoft Office Potential Distribution Channel For Small Independent Publishers?
Free Phone Calls Are A Reality: JaJah Does It Again
RSS: A Quick Guide For Educators This is an 8-page Word document that illustrates to a somehow techno-savvy user what RSS is and how it can be effectively used in the classroom.

From Shavlik
Take a Vacation From Spyware
From now until September 29, 2006 get 50 seats of Shavlik NetChk™ Spyware FREE for one year.