Thursday, July 12, 2007

Technet in a Vista Sidebar Gadget, More Web 2.0 goodness, and YouTube news

TechNet Vista Sidebar Gadget

The Microsoft TechNet Gadget for Australia and New Zealand delivers information from several of the common news feeds and security alerts.
It supports up to 6 feeds with TechNet Highlights and Basic Security Alerts as default options. You can see items that have been read or unread at a glance. The security ticker glows red when there is something that you have not seen before.
The integrated TechNet Search means you can type a search query and it will launch a web browser window with the TechNet Search results.



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Single Sign-On for YouTube and Google Account

Good news YouTube fans - you have one less username / password combination to remember since you can now move your YouTube data to Google account.
And if you have never signed-up for YouTube before, you can now create a new YouTube account with your existing Google Account. [you'll still need to supply an additional YouTube username though which is kind of strange]. Everything remains the same except that a new YouTube icon will show up in your Google Account Services page.

Amit Agarwal

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